Chuck Leaver Has Worked In A Number Of Positions For Various Companies

August 12, 2015
Chuck Leaver is the Chief Executive Officer, or CEO, of Ziften. It is a company that provides their company-clients with high quality software solutions that can meet their needs. Chuck Leaver had previously served on the Board of Directors as Chairman for Ziften, so he came into the position with an understanding of the challenges the company faced. He jumped at the chance to be named CEO, though, because he saw that Ziften had all the requisite pieces for success, they simply had to be put in place and utilized correctly.

Chuck Leaver has worked in a number of positions for various companies over the course of his career, including working in numerous industry in his career. In 1982, Chuck Leaver took an entry-level job with a company called DA/EE, where he proceeded to work hard. DA/EE was a company that valued his hard work and integrity, so he was quickly promoted. Eventually, Chuck Leaver took over DA/EE as CEO of the company. He even helped drive up the public offering to the $750 million market cap.
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